MAES Story

MAES HANDMADE is a conscientious retailer of Hair Accessories delivering affordable style, quality and convenience to customers without damaging our planet.

    “I began creating hair accessories with old outfits as cheaper plastic alternatives were uninspiring and seemed to fail after very few uses. Friends liked my ideas and so I started a facebook shop called MissMaeMakes in 2014. As the business grew, my family came on board and we rebranded to MAES HANDMADE. We work with a fantastic team of designers and seamstresses in Leeds, creating sustainable Hair Accessories for everyone”. Helen, Director of MAES HANDMADE

What makes MAES HANDMADE a sustainable brand?

Fast fashion has many challenges and MAES have focused on simple concepts to change the industry. The fashion industry produces more emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined by importing items produced in third world countries. Up to 85% of textiles go into landfills each year, equivalent to one garbage truck full of clothes every second* *United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

  • MAES source raw materials from local UK suppliers, we hand make everything locally and we do not export our products outside of the UK. We have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions impact to near zero by keeping everything local.
  • MAES prioritise the use of sustainably-grown materials, we reuse fabrics in circulation and we recycle 95% of all off-cuts through other projects and significantly reduce landfill waste.
  • MAES operate a 98% plastic free production and ship all our goods in biodegradable paper packaging. *2% plastic is used in elastic fibres and fabric glues.
  • MAES pay all of our staff 10% above the 2021 UK London living wage with full autonomy to work around their families.
  • Get on board with MAES HANDMADE today, a TRULY sustainable business that cares.